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About EAPs

Georgia's EAP Form Recommendations

The Georgia Safe Dams Program does not have a state-specific template for dam owners and emergency managers to use in developing EAPs for HHP dams. A nearby state that has developed an EAP template is North Carolina. Their new EAP template (form) can be adapted for use in Georgia for any size dam. In designing the template, North Carolina relied on EAP forms and formats from several states and from federal agencies, along with lessons learned from actual emergencies at dams. For example, the template draws on some elements from Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety: Emergency Action Planning for Dam Owners (an update of the document FEMA 64). The Georgia Safe Dams Program suggests using this document as a guide for many elements of a comprehensive EAP. Although the North Carolina template is 68 pages in length, several pages contain explanations of terminology and others are most appropriate for larger dams. The North Carolina template is meant to be user friendly and the resulting EAP may be shorter, depending on the characteristics of the dam and its inundation zone.

The Georgia Safe Dams Program also recommends the possible use of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) EAP template. A fact sheet of information on that template, directions on how to obtain it, and a copy of it are in the EAP Help box on this page of the website.