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dam owner responsibilities

Dam Owner Responsibilities

FEMA Resources

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FEMA also makes several publications and videos available to dam owners:

The following resources are free to dam owners, operators, and regulators and address emergency action planning and the safety of dams.

These manuals, guides, and reports provide procedures and guidance for dam specialists and dam owners responsible for the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of dams.

The Interagency Committee on Dam Safety has prepared and approved the following federal guidelines for federal agency dam owners and regulators. The guidelines may also be used by non-federal dam owners, regulators, and operators.

Geospatial Dam Break, Rapid EAP, Consequence and Hazards GIS Toolkit and User Manual

A suite of ArcGIS tools designed to support the development of simplified dam break studies, Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) datasets, loss of life assessments, Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), and EAP map panel creation. This version of GeoDam-BREACH can be used for various workflows including: Simplified Dam Break Studies, Risk MAP Datasets, Loss of Life Assessment, EAP Map Panel Creation, and EAP Development. FEMA offers this suite ofArcGIS tools on a DVD or as a zipped file package for download (80 MB, below). The Users Guide is included with both the DVD and the download. The target audience is Dam Safety Officials across America.