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Links to EAP Help

Links to EAP Help

Dam Safety and EAPs Involve A Wide Spectrum of Organizations

Whether at the county, state, regional, or national level, there are governmental, private, and industry resources available to those who need information or support for dam safety or the development of Emergency Action Plans.

Indiana Dam Safety Program
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Dam Safety Program

Indiana Emergency Management
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Directory of Indiana Local Emergency Managers
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of Indiana Local Emergency Managers

Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management
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FEMA National Dam Safety Program Partners

Although the Federal Government owns or regulates only about five percent of the dams in the United States, many of these dams are significant in terms of size, function, benefit to the public, and hazard potential.

Since the implementation of the Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety in 1979, the federal agencies have done an exemplary job in ensuring the safety of dams within their jurisdiction. They accomplish this by sharing resources whenever and wherever possible to achieve results and improvements in dam safety. Many of the federal agencies also maintain very comprehensive research and development programs and training programs, and have now incorporated security considerations and requirements into these programs to protect their dams against terrorist threats.

To encourage individual and community responsibility for dam safety, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) coordinates partnerships through two federal organizations: The National Dam Safety Review Board and the Interagency Committee on Dam Safety (ICODS). The Review Board provides the Director of FEMA with advice in setting national dam safety priorities and considers the effects of national policy issues affecting dam safety. Review Board members include FEMA, the Chair of the Board, representatives from four federal agencies that serve on ICODS, five state dam safety officials, and one member from the private sector.

ICODS, which was established in 1980, encourages the establishment and maintenance of effective federal programs, policies, and guidelines to enhance dam safety and security. ICODS serves as the permanent forum for the coordination of federal activities in dam safety and security. FEMA also chairs ICODS, which includes:

For Individuals, Personnel, Homeowners, Volunteers

For Emergency Personnel Situation Reports, Training

For Business & Professional Vendors, Technical Information

For Institutions, Non-Profits, Research

For Government Federal, State, Local, Tribal