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About EAPs

About EAPs

EAP Examples

Some of the types of information and level of detail needed for a Kentucky EAP can be seen in examples provided by USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

The samples NRCS provided are of EAPs for HHP dams built under its cost-sharing programs. One is a comprehensive EAP for a fictional Oklahoma dam and one is a simpler EAP for a smaller dam that provides a Missouri town with water for its golf course and other needs. This simpler EAP includes four inundation maps, each showing a segment of the area that would be reached by the wave front if the dam failed. One of these maps is in the Inundation Map Samples section of this website.

In reproducing this EAP with permission of USDA, the name and identifying information about the dam were deleted, as were names, addresses, and phone numbers of persons listed in the notification lists, and signatures of those who received copies of the EAP.

Information helpful in creating a more comprehensive EAP can be found in the brochure Federal Guidelines for Emergency Action Planning for Dams. This document helps dam owners, in coordination with emergency management authorities, effectively develop and test EAPs for dams. Simply having an EAP is a good first step, but it is very important to update the information and notification lists regularly and partner with emergency managers to conduct "exercises" of the EAP to test functionality and identify areas needing improvement