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Citizen Action

Citizens Action

What You Can Do

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There is more you can do as a citizen with a stake in EAP compliance by owners of HHP dams.

  • Learn the laws and regulations regarding dam safety and EAPs.
  • Follow legislative initiatives. Contact your state legislators, administrators at DNR, and aides to the governor to learn the status of legislation to update Missouri's dam safety laws.
  • Get to know your County Emergency Management Director (EMD). EAPs are developed with the help of EMDs and are on file with them. Find out which HHP dams in your area or your favorite recreational getaway have EAPs and which do not.
  • Contact owners of HHP dams and ask them about an EAP. Perhaps there is something you or an organization you belong to can do to help the owner with an EAP.
  • Organize other citizens and petition state government to put more resources into efforts to have an EAP on every HHP dam in Missouri.