Emergency Action Planning



Dam Owner Responsibilities

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What is the law in Missouri?

As cited in the publication Rules and Regulations of the Missouri Dam and Reservoir Safety Council:

"By Missouri regulation, dam owners are responsible for proper maintenance and operation of a dam and reservoir to assure the continuing safety of a dam and reservoir and the protection of public safety, life and property. A maintenance and operation program shall be required and shall include the following items: erosion control on the embankment; monitoring of storm runoff; vegetation control spillway maintenance; emergency action plans; maintenance and monitoring of seepage observation devices, if any; and maintenance and monitoring of instruments used, if any, to observe the stability of the dam."

Also, Section 15 covers the procedures for regular inspection of a dam by the owner: "The owner shall develop an emergency action plan, inspect his dam regularly and as necessary to protect public safety, life and property. A list of items to be inspected, a time schedule for these inspections and a form for reporting the results shall be established."